The CGS NAMES INDEX, containing more than 330,000 records, is the index to our largest image collections:

          San Francisco voters registered 1890

          San Francisco IOOF Crematory and Cemetery records

          Biographies of individuals prominent in early 20th century California

          Records from the First and Third Congregational Churchs of San Francisco

          Deaths in San Francisco 1865-1873, 1882-1889, 1894-1896, and 1901-1904

          San Francisco County Probate Records: Registers of Actions 1906-1942


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         CGS Manuscript Collection Index

         CGS Vertical File Index

         Large Pedigree Charts Index

         First Congregational Church Deaths 1915-1917

         The Colored Directory of the Leading Cities of Northern California 1916-1917 Every-word searchable image PDF of the Directory.

         Alameda County Obituary Forms 1968 - 1977, an all-name index to three binders of obituary forms submitted to the San Leandro Morning News and the Alameda Star Times newspapers.

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San Francisco Congregational Church records.  (Names in these files also appear in the California Names Index where non-members may order them through our Lookups Service.)


          Third Congregational Church Membership Listing - 1863 to 1886

          First Congregational Church Membership Listing - 1849 to 1909

          Baptisms - 1851 to 1948

          Marriages - BRIDE Index - 1897 to 1914/15

          Marriages - BRIDE Index - 1920 to 1941

          Marriages - GROOM Index - 1897 to 1914/15

          Marriages - GROOM Index - 1920 to 1941


Notices from San Francisco Newspapers

          San Francisco Divorces 1889 reported in the San Francisco Chronicle

          SF Marriages 1891 notices in the SF Chronicle

          SF Births  July 1, 1904 - June 30, 1905 as reported in the SF Call

          SF Brides  July 1, 1904 - June 30, 1905 marriage notices in the SF Call

          SF Grooms  July 1, 1904 - June 30, 1905 marriage notices in the SF Call


Early Arrivals in California 

              Enrollment Ledger of the Association of Territorial Pioneers



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          CGS News The archive of the CGS newsletter.

          The Nugget The archive of the CGS research publication.